The Creative Musician Workshop

When I was a young musician, I never thought I could be someone who would create music; to me, that was always for someone else with greater talent and skill. However, as a high school student, I was lucky to have several role models who encouraged me to explore creativity in music, mostly through composition (and later through improvisation). I did so mostly on my own, and while I had wonderful experiences, I always wondered what it would be like to have more opportunities to explore my ideas, grow with peers, and collaborate with other people. It was this thought that gave me the idea for my senior honors project; create a course which allows high school students to discover their inner creativity in a fun and exciting way. This class enables the students to work on some very useful skills which carry over into every aspect of being a musician as well as life.

What: Workshop on music creativity for young musicians! All instruments are welcome! Through this course the students learn non-jazz improvisation in a group context, as well as basic principles of composition. No compositional or improvisational experience is required. Everything is presented in a fun way, yet encourages students to master basic fundamentals of their instruments and develop sensitivity as a listener and performer. Most of the exercises are in the form of games, and students are encouraged to come up with their own! The original 2011 workshop was a week long, but future workshops can be longer and cover more material, or shorter and cover less.

When: I offer it at a few summer camps during the summer, and am planning on expanding what I offer. I will be giving some free webinars, hope to host a monthly “jam session,” and may give weekly classes in the future. If you have questions or are interested in knowing more please fill out the contact form.

What does the course cover: Throughout the course of the workshop, students learn how to improvise as a group and create simple compositions. The students will be actively doing and experiencing. I am not there to lecture at them, but rather to encourage them and help them find their own unique creative voice. Through this course they work on technique and musicality in new, fun, and exciting ways.

Some things that are incorporated include:

-soundpainting (for more information please visit;

-body percussion

-vocal percussion

-working as a group; principles of unity, variety, and silence;

-melody and strong ideas

-form and how a piece has a beginning, middle, and end

-harmony and scales

What are the benefits?

-building of self-confidence


-development of listening skills

-greater understanding of how a piece is constructed

-better technique

-opportunity to find an independent voice

for more information or to sign up, please e-mail me at

I am so excited to offer this class, and I hope many of you will allow me the opportunity to share my love of creativity in music!


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