About This Site

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog! The purpose of this blog is to promote musical creativity through increasing awareness, providing information about educational opportunities, and offering thoughts I have on the subject. I’m hoping to give interviews soon as well! Please feel free to offer your own opinions or thoughts in the comments section! Also, please let me know of any groups, events, or opportunities you know of! Or, if you are a composer or improviser, let me know so I can link to your web page!

Also, since I am a flutist, I have decided to created a section of the blog devoted to flute pedagogy, practice, and performance. If you are a flute player, this section is for you! if you want more information about my flute activities, please visit my other website here.

The Creative Musician Workshop is a fun course which I have developed which allows students to have an opportunity to improvise with their peers and find their own creative musical voice. The inaugural 2011 workshop was very successful, and culminated in a concert in downtown Stillwater which was fun for performers and audience alike! I am thrilled with the incredible progress the students made and cannot wait to offer this course to more students! Click here to read more about The Creative Musician Workshop.


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