New Improv Game of the Day!

Want a fun improvisation game to play with your musical friends? Here is one inspired by the TV show “Whose Line is It Anyway”.

Scenes from a Hat

Make up scenes, then play them out! It’s that simple!

First, write prompts on a piece of paper: anything that calls to mind an emotion or an action is good. Be creative, and have fun with it!

Here’s an example: How you act when you just got the present you always wanted.

Or: You’ve fallen into a shark tank and are trying to escape.

Or: How you feel when your giant pet hippopatamus steps on your brand new car. (got this one when brainstorming with a friend!)

Then, put all of them in a hat or box. Pick them one at a time, and have people improvise the emotion or action on their instrument. For example, if you’re evoking a scene about running (or in the case of the second example, swimming really fast), you’d probably play a lot of short quick notes or fast runs. If it’s a scene that evokes sadness, play something really mournful! People could take turns doing it individually or perform each one as a group; it’s up to you!

This is a great way to practice thinking creatively and putting that into practice on your instrument. It’s also a means of having fun with your friends!

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